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One-Way Cruise & Road from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap( $ 139 per person)(Children 10 years and under are half priced)5yo and under free



This is an exciting and different way to travel, we Cruise both ways Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and Siem Reap to Phnom Penh Daily. Travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap has always been difficult due to the ever-changing water levels on the Tonle Sap Lake, even in the wet season when the water levels are high enough you have other issues, low lying bridges,making the riverboats unable to pass, storms on the lake that can make the crossing treacherous. fishing nets and water hyacinth are also issues, the sheer boredom of crossing the lake as there is nothing to see apart from vast swathes of water, not anymore.

We have overcome these issues by using our  specially designed double hulled cruisers, the Mekong Tara Prince (once owned by the Prince of Cambodia) or our Mekong Explorer or our Tonle sap explorer to cruise up the beautiful Tonle Sap River to Koh Chen Island or the Mekong River to Roka Kaong (depending on weather conditions).(all our vessels used for this trip are safe and clean, captained by experienced licensed operators), Once there we transfer to our luxury private air-conditioned Lexus/minivan or SUV to travel around the Lake to Siem Reap.

This way you get to see the awesome river and rural life on the river together with rural life on land. The best of both worlds without the boredom.

Children waving from the riverbanks, buffalo cooling off in the Mekong River, large, rare waterbirds, floating homes and businesses, riverbank villages and much much more,

Guests are picked up from their hotels or Guesthouses in Phnom Penh  at 7.30am by our very experienced river and lake guides before being transferred to our riverboats in Phnom Penh dock. Normally we use the local tuk tuks from hotels to the boat dock as they are better in the mad traffic of Phnom Penh. Upon arrival at our riverboat guests will be welcomed with a free drink by our cruise guides.

Lunch will be served on board, consisting of fresh local fruits and barbecue,(vegetarian options also available,please let us know at time of booking) and drinks, as we cruise along the river North towards Siem Reap approx 4.5 Hrs. Seeing life along the river is an amazing experience and our special vessel has a unique double hull which allows us to travel closer to the riverbanks and also explore the narrow waterways on route. Our boats will be passing floating homes and business and also there will be a stop to a river village along the river, so as to experience life there, we also visit the famous silversmiths workshop on Koh Chen Island,for a first hand encounter with Artisans producing magnificent khmer silver-ware favored by the Khmer Royal Family,where fine hand made jewellery is created and available for purchase.if in market to buy unique high quality jewellery at wholesale prices,this is the place,the best silversmiths in Cambodia produce here.

On arrival at Koh Chen island or Roka Kaong (depending on weather conditions) guests will be met by our private air-conditioned minivan or SUV and transferred to Siem Reap approximately 4 Hours, taking in the stunning scenery as we drive through pristine Cambodian countryside and through traditional rural villages.

Arrival at Siem Reap at approximately 4.30 pm and free transfer to your hotel or Guesthouse. Total time can vary but we aim to allow 8 to 9 hours from Hotel to Hotel.

Please note.. this is a complete tour, including hotel to hotel pick up and drop off, English Speaking guides, Meals and drinks,with interesting stops along the way( not just a transfer service) one-way cruise/road tour. Part way cruise, part way road. We operate 3 vessels our Mekong Explorer (RAVY), our Mekong Tara Prince and our Mekong Queen, all 3 vessels are staffed by very experienced crew, all have special double hulled and all have western toilets for your comfort. yes your luggage is welcome.

Cruise time is approx  4.5 hours.

Road section is approx 4.5 hours,

Time quoted include hotel to hotel transfers from both cities.

We are the only operator Licensed and fully insured for this cruise/ferry (Having over 20 years' experience in this cruise) Hotel to Hotel transfers included in price (NO MORE TO PAY)

Times quoted are approximate, it depends on river currents and road conditions at the time. we do try to keep to the times quoted but certain weather conditions may affect our times. 

All our vessels we use have life jackets onboard, all have toilets, this is a complete tour, hotel to hotel every day.

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This tour is best for people who want to experience the rivers and roads of rural Cambodia, its a guided tour (English speaking Tara guides), and all times quoted are approximate only.

The Journey is as important as the destination.

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