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Sunset Tour of Floating Village In Siem Reap ($38 per person)(Children 10 years and under are half priced)5yo and under free

Stunningly beautiful sunsets over the Tonle Sap lake and floating villages are all here with our cruises, one of the many advantages of going on our sunset tours, is we get the best views of these stunningly beautiful sunsets as the Queen Tara Riverboat is so much larger that we command the very best views of the floating villages and sun setting over the great Tonle Sap lake. the floating fishing villages (part of the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve) with floating markets, shops, floating homes, police stations, gas stations, basketball courts, vegetable gardens, churches & schools, the villages are older than Angkor Wat and most have no road access,its certainly a different world out there – Yes, all floating, then enjoy a beautiful sunset dinner (vegetarian options also available) on the Queen Tara Riverboat (Largest Riverboat on the Largest freshwater lake in S.E. Asia the Great Tonle Sap Lake).  The Sunset cruise tour with its ‘all-you-can-drink’ including but not limited to Cocktails, wines, spirits, juices, water, soft drinks and cold beers and awesome buffet mixture of Khmer/Asian and Western type foods (organic and locally grown) (please note, the buffet maybe replaced with our fixed menu options as covid 19 restrictions dictate at the time) offer is simply the best way to experience the floating villages and the Great Tonle Sap Lake at sunset ,We are the only riverboat tours offering open bar and buffet, and of course the other boats are only the sit down types with no walking around the decks and enjoying the space we can offer.we are fully decked out with 5 toilets,2 bars,2 kitchens,WIFI, 3 decks to explore plus much much more.(did you know our cooks, chefs, bar staff and all crew on board are from the floating villages?) We believe in employing local people for local jobs. we support the local families and women directly.



The best way to experience the sunsets over the floating villages on the Great Tonle Sap Lake is with the Tara Riverboat crew (Lonely Planets), this unique River Boat cruise tour is great for families, couples, groups or single travelers. We have a huge old riverboat, so plenty of seating for all. Experience the Floating fishing Villages and cruising past the flooded forests, then relax onboard the famous Queen Tara Riverboat, the biggest boat on the lake, (ex-cargo vessel) We felt having a relaxing meal and cold drinks on a 100-year-old ex-cargo boat, with awesome local staff, while watching a magnificent sunset over the largest freshwater lake in SE Asia, was the prefect end to any day. (Angelina) where you will enjoy our buffet of both Asian and Western foods and all you can drink open bar, wines, champagne, cold beers, cocktails, spirits and soft drinks.

The Queen Tara Boat Sunset cruise tour will begin at 3:30pm, when we pick you up from your hotel or Guesthouse in an air-conditioned vehicle or tuk tuk. Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides speak English (and Khmer of course) and they will ensure that you enjoy your tour, pointing out areas of local interest along the way and answering any questions you may have. On route to the port, we will have an opportunity to stop and take some photos of the lotus flowers (seasonal) which are a deeply important flower in Buddhism. Upon arrival at the port, you will exit the vehicle and board one of our mini-Tara Boats. The mini-Tara Boat, that are the traditional long tail type (we build all our own boats using expert boat builders from the villages) will be driven by an experienced and safe local driver and life jackets are available on every vessel we operate.

Once on the water we will stop at the floating Crocodile & Fish Farm to learn about some of the trades people on the life work in. If catfish and crocodiles don’t interest you, there is a souvenir shop and a viewing deck on board for you to purchase some presents for loved ones or take a few photos.

The boat ride through the floating village will allow you to see ordinary Cambodians going about their daily life. Fishermen, boat-makers, markets, schools, spirit houses and waving children are always in plentiful supply on this mesmerizing scenic route, and it is not uncommon for the scenery to provoke silence on the Mini Tara, as guests take in the sights and sounds that surround them. Once the trip through the floating village is complete, your boat will dock with the Queen Tara Riverboat, the biggest boat on the Tonle Sap Lake with unrivaled views of the floating villages, flooded forests and of course the best place to watch the sunset. 

Please Note, The Queen Tara Riverboat is a private vessel owned by us (Tara Boats) so do not be tricked by some tuk tuk drivers or taxi drivers, promising to take you to the Tara Boat, as they cannot come on board, only our guests that go through Tara are allowed, this ensures we always have plenty of room available.

There you will enjoy a well-deserved buffet meal (or fixed menu) (vegetarian options available) and all you can drink including Cocktails, beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks for free. Afterwards you can lie back in a hammock, take a seat on the viewing deck or get your photo taken on the bridge at the steering wheel. Watch as other tour groups drive past on their rickety little boats whilst you chill out, relax, and enjoy the comfort & luxury of the biggest boat on the lake. And if the weather is good, you will get a first-class view of a spectacular sunset, the likes of which you will never forget. Even if there isn’t a sunset, the magnificent & unique cloud linings that form above the great lake are always a spectacle to behold. At about 6:45pm you’ll leave the Queen Tara and head back to the port where your air-conditioned vehicle will be waiting to transport you directly home to your hotel or Guesthouse or the pub street/market areas to continue your night.

This tour ticks many boxes, Best sunsets over the lake and floating villages from the largest boat by far,dinner and free flow of all drinks on a 100 year old ex cargo vessel, best staff,including English speaking guides, and great foods,free hotel pick up and return,full tour of the floating villages.

visiting in the dry season is not an issue with our tours as we use special flat bottomed boats ensuring us a unique view of the rivers,lakes and floating villages.

 Please note:

The Queen Tara is in a prime location at the entrance of The Great Tonle Sap Lake. It is Siem Reap’s biggest (by far) Riverboat and our top sunset deck is the best place to view the magical sunsets over the floating villages and lake, with a fully stocked bar and tasty meals (Buffet or fixed menu) with a fascinating history once served as a cargo boat for the lake community.

Now lovingly restored, (did you know the Queen Tara Riverboat is almost 100 years old) it is ideally positioned to enjoy the best views of the sunset over the lake and the nearby floating villages.

The best sunsets in Siem Reap are from the Largest Riverboat on the Lake, we get the full unrestricted views of the beautiful sunsets every day.

over nights stays are possible on the Queen Tara ,let us know if you want to stay over night,at time of booking as we have limited cabins available.

The Queen Tara Riverboat runs on 100% solar power, green and renewable. We even grow our own organic Vegetables on board.

Like all our tours, no more to pay, no waiting in line or for other guests to fill up their boats (like other operators), Zero Scams, just good clean service with a smile.

All our vessels are fully insured and all have life jackets and back up boats on call.


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