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Dry season and what to expect on our unique tours

Dry Season (November to May) is no issue for us at Tara Riverboats, as we have special designed flat hulled boats, this ensures not only a safe comfortable cruise,but a unique experience as we can get closer to the floating villages for that great photo shot,we can enter into the numerous lakes and river systems all year round, of course the dry season can get hot here so all our boats we operate have protection from the sun, so weather the lake levels are 10 meters high or just 1 meter deep we can safely navigate the entire water ways in a safe,effective manner in total comfort. 

So weather you are cruising from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap/Siem Reap to Phnom Penh,or exploring the numerous floating and stilted homes on the Tonle Sap lake or even up the Mekong River, rest assured our boats can take you all year round,365 days a year,safe,effective,and reliable guided tours everyday.also tours to Kompong Phluk, Kompong Khleang, Prek Toal, Chong Khneas, Mecchray and many more.

The one tour we can not do when the rivers are low is our Battambang to Siem Reap tour,as navigating the Sangkor River from February to July is an issue,as the low water levels in the upper Sangkor River become very narrow. there are some operators still do this but transfer there guests most of the way in the back of a truck,apart from very uncomfortable its down right dangerous,so for trips by water between Battambang and Siem Reap is better from July to February.

For Prek Toal bird sanctuary, its best to go from August through to March as this is when the breeding season is in full swing and numerous rare birds can be seen.

soon we will have another exciting tour for the more adventurist traveler, a 3 days 2 night slow boat from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh weekly,with visits to Kompong Phluk, Kompong Khleang, Kompong Chhnang and many more villages and towns along the way.

Wet season (June to October) there are no issues with our tours in the wet season, all our boats are fully protected from both the sun and the rain, its actually a great time to visit, as Cambodia and the country side becomes alive, beautiful green fields,lotus flowers in full bloom, and plenty to see and do. also the main rain happens at night ,at times it can be a big storm at 3pm only to have clear weather at 4pm , the most beautiful awesome sunsets are in the wet seasons, as clouds glow like gold in the skies. so the weather is very localized and storms are short lived. do not let the wet season stop you from coming as its the best time to visit. if you only sail on sunny days,you will never reach your destination.

When you visit Cambodia , you will notice some beggars, in and around the streets, the temples and the lake, please resist in giving out cash, it only promotes this practice.

We do support every village we visit in the way of school supplies and clean drinking filtration systems in accordance with the village chiefs wishes.

Important information..Tonle Sap Lake fishing folks are struggling to survive as plummeting stocks continue, there are many reasons for the fishing stocks to become less every year, over fishing, climate change, building dams up stream on the Mekong River, burning of the forests and many more, however your participation on our echo tours of the rivers and lakes and villages have a very positive impact , creating employment and Education and conserving the Biosphere reserve all help in the improvement of like on the Tonle Sap lake and rivers.

we welcome any inquiries you may have, and safe travels always.