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Thank you for visiting our FAQ Page, we welcome all feedback on our service, it's our teams aim to improve our service at all times. 

Listed below are some of the commonly asked questions, if you need any more advice or details, please let us know, we are here to help you anyway we can.

Q. Do you have Vegetarian options?

A. Yes, both our buffet and fixed menu have vegetarian options, also our produce is selected from organically grown farms, we take the food out fresh every day.

Q. Do you operate every day?

A. Yes, we operate 365 days a year.

Q. Where do you pick up the guests from?

A. Our guide for the tour will meet you in your hotel or guesthouse reception/foyer area, please wait for them about 15 mins prior to advertised tour start time.

 Q. What cloths do i wear?

A. Just casual clothes are fine, steady shoes are better and sunscreen if your skin is lighter, sunglasses and hats are also recommended, but not necessary.

Q. Do your boats have safety items/gear?

A. Yes, all our boats have life jackets, lights, communications, fire suppression systems and back up vessels, we are the only boat company fully licensed on the lake, also all our boat captains have proper up to date, vessel and water license.

Q. Do you have overnight stays at floating villages?

A. Yes, we have cabins on board our Queen Tara Riverboat in the floating villages, we have home stays in Siem Reap and have home stays in Kompong Phluk and Prek toal bird sanctuary.

Q. Do your boats have toilets?

A. Yes, all our boats have toilets for your comfort.

Q. i am one person, can i join the tour?

A. Yes, very welcome, some 35% of our guests are single travelers, also couples, groups and families are very welcome to join.

Q. Are your boats wheelchair friendly?

A. Some of our tours are difficult to do in a wheelchair, some are fine, so please inquire further, we will always do our best to arrange what we can.

Q. Do you have W.I.F.I? 

A. Yes on our Queen Tara Riverboat we have W.I.F.I and also places to recharge your devices.

Q. How do i book a tour?

A. On our website we have a booking page, we need to know how many people are going, hotels name, and what tour you wish to go on, or you can contact us on 092 957 765 local number, or via face book, Tara River boats and eco tours. we check the website every few hours every day, so we will reply to you very quickly.

Q. How do i pay for the tour?

A. If booking directly with us please pay our guide when they meet you at the start of the tour, (either in USD or local reil),if booked via travel agent, please have voucher to show guide, or contact us.

Q. If Its raining, do we still go?

A. Yes, we operate in all weather, the rain in Siem Reap is very localized and normally short lived, so it may well be clear on the lake, also all our boats are covered for your comfort and well being. Most of our best sunsets have occurred after a rain, the cloud formation makes an awesome display of the sunset.

Q. Are there any other costs to consider?

A. No more to pay, the cost of the tour is advertised and includes everything, if you wish to tip the guide, it's up to you. (Just a note on tips, if you tip the guide he/she will share it with driver, or you can tip into our tip box, on Queen Tara Riverboat, then staff of boat will receive, ie cooks, deck hands, cleaners)

Q. Are your staff fully vaccinated against covid 19.

A. Yes 100% of all our staff are fully vaccinated against the covid 19, not enforced by us ,there decision, we also have paid leave if any of our staff are sick for whatever reason, our stay-at-home policy, has been in effect well before covid 19 can along.

Q. We have heard there are some scams and beggars in town and the lake, will we be exposed to these practices?

A. Absolutely not, our guides are there to protect you from such practices, we have a zero policy on such matters, we are lucky as the people that may per take in such practices normally will leave our guests alone, this is also why we ask our guests to not give to the beggars as it just encourages the practice.(we also support fully, the communities we visit).

Q. How many floating villages are there on the Tonle Sap Lake?

A. There are some 170 different floating villages on the lake, some are very small and some larger,

Q. Can you organize tailor made tours for our party?

A. Absolutely, we will give you the experience you wish for, we have had both big and small groups over the last 20 years requesting special adventure cruisers and some great memories have been achieved, some up to 7 days cruisers covering all the water and lakes in Cambodia. send us an inquiry, i will be pleased to work with you. Nobody knows the river/lake systems as we do, and after 20years we have visited all the villages on the lake/river 170) in total. 

Q. Are there any speed boats between Phnom Penh to Siem Reap?

A. In 2015 the speed boats creased operation, so 10 years ago, Reasons where the cost to run this service where great and guests number where dropping.